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Monday, April 26, 2010

Beauty Pageants are not my thing.

We made a trip to Dallas this past weekend for a baby Beauty pageant. I don't think there is any redeeming value to these events. However, it did motivate me to make an absolutely adorable dress. I don't think there is anything out there on the market or in anyone else's imagination. This turned out so cute.

I had a bunch of fun spending the weekend with my daughter, her fiance, and my grandaughter, Nevaeh. (That's Heaven spelled backwards, you know.) She is such a gift from Heaven, always smiling, laughing, dancing, and just beginning to talk.

The weekend away was just what I needed, a break and some fun to help motivate me to get started on the new teen designs that will be featured in a new local magazine. East Texas Teen magazine is a new creation of Heather Nielson. She decided that young girls needed a new avenue for recognition. Her magazine is done in good taste and modestly represents todays young high achievers and local fashion designs. I was lucky enough to be chosen to be the next fashion designer to be highlighted in the next issue published. It will come out in June/July. I can't wait. This is the biggest, luckiest break I have received yet. It makes me sound and feel so important.

I keep asking the Lord, "How can I give you glory for all of this?" Thank you Lord. Bless all the young ladies in East Texas who are struggling to find out who you want them to be.