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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Newsletter for Linka's Boutique Sewing Club

March 7 , 2010

Today was a beautiful sunny day, then the clouds brought some rain. Life always imitates nature. That’s what happened to our first Sewing Class, it got rained on by life. People got sick and had to cancel, I had a funeral to attend, distant family member, and thanks for your condolences. I also had a baby shower to attend that day, a little ray of sunshine. So, life goes on and I know everyone is busy. I intend to keep offering these classes until they are a success. The next sewing class will be on March 20, 2010. I am thinking of having it at my home in Chapel Hill. I have a large dining table and a big room. The view out my bay window is much more inviting than the break room. I also am offering individual classes for $25.00 per hour. Just let me know what would be most convenient for you.


I know some of you were interested in Crochet lessons. Please contact me and let me know what date would be convenient for you. My schedule is fairly flexible right now. I know the previous schedule conflicted with some of your schedules. So, I think I will try to get together with those interested in learning to crochet on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month, based upon interest. So, if you would like to attend the first lesson on March 13, let me know. I think I will hold these lessons at my home in Chapel Hill as well. The only thing you will need is a ball of yarn and crochet needle. I have plenty for you to start to learn with. We will be learning how to make a Granny Square.

Club Info

I would like to start a club just for new Sewers. There is a Quilters guild here in Tyler, but not a sewing Guild. Typically, Guild’s are non-profit organizations that work for a cause. We could talk about that in the future, but for now, I would just like to create a fun environment to help your new found hobby flourish. Join the club and get free information, tips, advice, and regular coupons for store merchandise.
Please sign up, make sure I have your contact info, email, phone, and mailing address if you don’t have email. Let’s talk Sewing!

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